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The Limit
Slip this knife into my weary hand
I feel it all
Pour your cancer down my throat
I die a little everytime
Nothing to guide me but the purple moon
and frozen fingers
Falling forward
Black intensions
Cold withdrawl
I find my solace in this medicine
Bleeding the path to regret
The dull ache of tomorrow
What could I have done?
Such a worthless vision
enveloping me now.
:iconjesus-in-a-bin:jesus-in-a-bin 15 34
I stroke your face with my palette of blue
Ignore the air that beckons
Sea of sleep washes over you
Your fragrance fades
As I let your mouth kiss the ocean floor
The wind carries a  bloated soul
Blue eyes haunt my very core
:iconjesus-in-a-bin:jesus-in-a-bin 14 20
I obey
Freedom has long passed
The tears fall, along with my self-worth.
Look at me like the monster I am
Only these chains embrace me
He cannot be defeated
You carved your name upon my soul
I crawl back to my corner
There is no calm after this storm.
:iconjesus-in-a-bin:jesus-in-a-bin 19 32
Dun do Shuile
As I knelt, a vision came to me.
White gowns and long walks
What my world could be
But not in this life.
The yellow teeth clamp my dreams
Wrinkles fresh memories,which were mine to cherish
  A memory of light
Before happiness went astray
:iconjesus-in-a-bin:jesus-in-a-bin 6 29
The veins upon my wrists the strings
I strike a deadly chord
No applause.This is my encore.
:iconjesus-in-a-bin:jesus-in-a-bin 19 33
An Undiscovered Paradise
Dear Journal,
   Alma doesn't seem to understand my need for freedom, and I grow more impatient by the day. Why on God's green earth must she have my hair so extravagant? This body drives me insane, almost delirious.
I shall soon grow stronger, and all this shall change.
For instance, today she traipsed us around town, buying needless make-up, pink dresses and lilac sunhats with ribbons, trying on every skirt, every brand of jeans. I felt ashamed, like a fool in such ghastly feminine clothes.
But alas, journal, you know not of me or anything I write ! You must be ever so confused. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is James Holpin. I was born sixteen years ago. My interests are killing cats and reading Victorian poetry.
Originally I come from England, hence my different accent and phrases, much more advanced than poor Alma's, a strange American soul with a voice that twangs like a banjo.
Her friends notice this too, and seem a bi
:iconjesus-in-a-bin:jesus-in-a-bin 2 12
Dear whoever may find this confession,
Hello! My name is Stanley, and these are my last words.
Haven't you ever known someone who you instantly despised? Who made you clench your fists until you heard your knuckles crack, and your face started twitching like you had a real bad itch? Well, Tim Repon was that someone. I swear, if I could see, Tim would never have tried crossing me.
My eyesight started going to hell when I was six years old. Don't know why, so don't ask.
Every weekday, as I walked into Hill-View High school, all along the halls I heard his booming voice echo my name, or 'Blindspot,' a lousy nickname which quickly became a big hit, until even the teachers would mutter it as I walked by. But I'm skipping ahead.
My first day of high school was a disaster. As I tap-tap-tapped my way into the classroom for the first time, he began with no doubt or guilt in his voice.
''Hey, stick! Howdy,blindspot,over here! What's wrong, ya deaf too?''
I heard a few rough,ro
:iconjesus-in-a-bin:jesus-in-a-bin 9 21
Today I pushed my soul away
Now I cannot feel
My insides gasped and changed for me
A heart of hollow steel
There is no love within me
no sadness and no shame
I have done this to myself
I have no one to blame
:iconjesus-in-a-bin:jesus-in-a-bin 3 1
When he arrives
  He came back  last  night
  breathing heavily, I could smell his sweat and restless  lust
  I scrunched my eyes tight to remain in my dreams
  his claws separated my lids so my blue eyes would watch
  But I stopped seeing this place, and these eyes turned to steel
  I gave up the struggle so long ago,
  now I lie rotting and crumbling away, my broken bones refuse to help
   sometimes I recall upon the days he was my friend
   And love him like before
  Until he arrives with much more pain
   And my head collides with the floor
:iconjesus-in-a-bin:jesus-in-a-bin 3 17
Pull out the eyes that burn me.
I see demons everywhere,stealing my sanity.
Rip off the ears that sting me,
with the precious screams of the innocent.
They take away the peaceful quiet I used to have.
My sanity is rationed.
Make me bleed until all my impure blood is washed
away with the morning rain
My soul slips down the gutter.
The shining flower wilts and dies
The pearl becomes black.
The tumours rise and fall,
river of blood.
Drown me,for the water makes me free.
I shall swim with the beautiful corpses,
until I am dragged back to earth.
To live eternity 6 feet underground in a box.
Worms and maggots feast on me.
They will gather in my brain,their secret clubhouse.
The alien inside of me yearns to rip me open
and drink of my black blood,
I am but a weak lamb.
:iconjesus-in-a-bin:jesus-in-a-bin 6 14


AESTHETIC PNG'S PACK |2| by RockingWithLights AESTHETIC PNG'S PACK |2| :iconrockingwithlights:RockingWithLights 779 66 |AESTHETICS PNG's PACK| by RockingWithLights |AESTHETICS PNG's PACK| :iconrockingwithlights:RockingWithLights 689 37 ||AESTHETIC IMAGES PACK|| by RockingWithLights ||AESTHETIC IMAGES PACK|| :iconrockingwithlights:RockingWithLights 426 13 | AESTHETIC PNG'S PACK 3 | by RockingWithLights | AESTHETIC PNG'S PACK 3 | :iconrockingwithlights:RockingWithLights 505 42 | PACK 1000 WATCHERS | by RockingWithLights | PACK 1000 WATCHERS | :iconrockingwithlights:RockingWithLights 299 48 +Aesthetic Png Pack by BetteDot +Aesthetic Png Pack :iconbettedot:BetteDot 325 24 PASTEL PIXELS - RANDOM PNG's IV by LittleDr3ams PASTEL PIXELS - RANDOM PNG's IV :iconlittledr3ams:LittleDr3ams 655 62 1 0 0 0  W A T C H E R S - PINK PALE PACK by LittleDr3ams 1 0 0 0 W A T C H E R S - PINK PALE PACK :iconlittledr3ams:LittleDr3ams 413 38 Bts Png Pack #1 by Angelicapark Bts Png Pack #1 :iconangelicapark:Angelicapark 499 359 MEGA PACK 400 WATCHERS by LittleDr3ams MEGA PACK 400 WATCHERS :iconlittledr3ams:LittleDr3ams 464 46 +Sassy Bitch | by Mermaid Awkward by MermaidAwkward +Sassy Bitch | by Mermaid Awkward :iconmermaidawkward:MermaidAwkward 189 12 twin peaks by royalboiler twin peaks :iconroyalboiler:royalboiler 203 42 Kuroshitsuji : Beach by kuro-mai Kuroshitsuji : Beach :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 17,694 1,503 Gaige, the Mechromancer by xXxEleanorxXx Gaige, the Mechromancer :iconxxxeleanorxxx:xXxEleanorxXx 651 108 Sai by WateryAsh Sai :iconwateryash:WateryAsh 2 0 Steven Wilson cross hatch by RainyDaySunflower Steven Wilson cross hatch :iconrainydaysunflower:RainyDaySunflower 24 16



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I’m holding my entire head together. The skin and the shell of me. I’m falling absolutely inside myself. But you can see that. - Sea Wall



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